No, you cannot have the code to my library card.

Ridiculous- no one opens my mail without asking.

What? you want me to give you the password to my Facebook account? Aren’t we already friends? and doesn’t my profile already acknowledge “married for two plus decades?”

You have my body. You have my time. You have my whereabouts; we are linked on that app that traces my trips to the grocery, the local pub, the carpool craziness that most call parenting.

Yes, I was out with the girls until 11 at bookclub. You might remember I also arrived after 9 since I had to put the kids to bed and adjusted my leave time to your altered return time from that business trip.

Yes, I was hoping to go to the weekend shopping trip and getaway in Chicago in October. No, I don’t suppose it is critical. I’m sure they’ll go again next year.

Yes, the boss is taking us out in a limo to dinner on the west side to celebrate the end of tax season. No, spouses weren’t invited. I know your boss invited spouses. I’m not sure what I can do about this. Yes, I think I should go. No, I’m sorry I’m not going to ask if you can attend.

Wine club is not a good thing? I should disband? I started this group. It sets a bad precedent for the kids? Yes, I am aware of how much the BAC is for DUI. No, I don’t think there will be a problem, but I cannot host every tasting session? Yes, I know you don’t enjoy beer or wine and correct, this isn’t a couples club.

Yes, I’ve heard Joe and Sue go out to events without each other. Yes, I heard he took a trip to Vancouver last fall and she decided to stay and go to her sisters scrapbook event in Minneapolis. Sure, he goes out for happy hour on Wednesdays. I’m pretty sure she goes on Thursday nights. That seems weird? Well, they each have different friends, yes.  I think they are ok with it. I think they are ok, really.


He believed they should be best friends. She didn’t measure up; this she knew. 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of the web.


14 thoughts on “Besties

        • True. I’m not a victim. I haven’t sacrificed much, unless I write the long list and really look at things. I avoid that. It’s been largely easy to let my opinions and preferences be talked over, set aside, downplayed. I’ve assisted in that whittling away of my person. But my head knew it wasn’t right. Something inside of me, gut instinct, perhaps, felt it, but my heart, or what I thought was my heart, perhaps it was my psyche, my ego, rejected it on the level that most often manifests itself as lack of desire. I went flat. Seriously. Just dropped off. Disappeared. Evaporated. Walked the plank. But I thought it was me. Actually, it WAS me. It was ME knowing that something was not being fed in my head and my person. My rational side made up all sorts of reasons, excused all sorts of situations, ignored all the truths. Until one day… cheers, C.

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