A Rat’s Ass


When you know he truly doesn’t care, it’s a bit of a shock.

Indifference? It’s more.

It’s the kind of uncaring that is defined by a dismissal of physical pain, a dismissal of someone’s need for help, care, assistance in a time of medical need. It’s a time when you throw out your back and you know he has vicodin but he says he’s out.

THEN you know he couldn’t give a flying fuck.

And that is the point when you stop feeling agony about making life-changing decisions for both of you.

It’s the time when you realize there is no going back to your old life.

It’s the time when you know you are no longer a human being to him but instead, just a distraction, a pain in the ass, a foregone conclusion, the mere mother of your shared children.

And that is a relief.

#for Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of the web


7 thoughts on “A Rat’s Ass

  1. Hugs Ret….I have experienced this also. Time to put your best high heels and walk away in style 🙂 That is not to say it is easy….nothing ever really is. You’ve got this in spades.


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