Judge Not


Why are we told we shouldn’t care about what other people think about what we do when in reality there are things called reputation and integrity?

We do care.

We should care.

Actions display good (or bad) character.

Perhaps we should simply choose to act in ways that demonstrate the way we wish others would deem moral and good.

Or should we?

Who likes to be judged?

Perhaps we should, therefore, engage only in what is judged to be moral and just.


She has failed. And will pay. 

#for Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of the web.




6 thoughts on “Judge Not

  1. The human community. If we think about it, we really only care what other people think of us when those people are the ones that we know. We care little what those outside of our tribe think of us. The more that we feel that we “belong” in a community or our tribe, the more we worry about what others think of our actions. It has nothing to do with our personalities or thinking, it is innate to the human condition. After millions of years of evolution we have the need of belonging to a tribe built into us, our DNA. We naturally think and worry about what others in our tribe think of us. Occasionally we have one or two in the tribe that feels the need to be a “loner”. They go off for their 40 days and nights or 40 years, but while they are gone, they still worry or wonder what the others in the tribe are thinking of them and tend to behave accordingly.


  2. I’ve found my base definitions of moral and just have stayed firm, but my tolerance and acceptance limits have grown much more free with age. While, others of my acquaintance have had the opposite experience — their tolerance and acceptance has diminished. We no longer match. I know that. I don’t say it — I am just not available for comments anymore…it’s a wider World out there. Be you.

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  3. I feel the conundrum here. You need to do what you need to do, not necessarily because it’s something you “want”, but if you don’t your life becomes very, very uncomfortable. There comes a time when you accept that there will be others … maybe even many … who will not accept the road you have chosen. You know what? That’s life, and you just need to roll with it and acknowledge in your mind that you HAVE made the best decision. It’s your life, not their’s. You have weighed all the factors, now just get on with it. Don’t live in fear of anyone’s judgment.


    • Thanks Martay. Of course I know all this. I’ve got reasons why I waffle.
      3 of them.
      I’m coming out of a relationship with unhealthy control issues. I’m a survivor.
      It takes time.
      There is no time to be taken, unfortunately.
      And this i’ve known. And this is why I’ve prolonged the end.
      I have, however, achieved my goal of raising the 3 reasons to an age where they can stand up for themselves. And that, my friend, is worth all my struggle.


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