Versus this, versus that.


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Let’s take moment to reflect on what young women are trained to want and then what we are told to choose.  We are trained to want the Knight in Shining Armor (shining Ardor would be  nice, yes!) but we are told to want stability and solid stock in manliness. We are told to seek someone who sweeps us off our feet but to still expect respect and chivalry and equality and practicality.

This makes us fall hard for the romantics. Then we reject them when we realize we are supposed to want the hard-ass, workaholic providers who are firm in their ability to raise your hem simply because they bring in the cadillac salary and demand you show a little leg because they bought the dress you pulled out of the master closet he provided.

These romantics. Who are they ? They are in all the Disney movies, in all the erotica we read but don’t admit we read. They are in all the fantasy images of Fabio’s muscular form gracing the cover of the books we read at age 12, the same book we hide under our pillow when daddy comes in our bedroom door to tuck us into bed.

Romantics are the desire. But these tender, artistic, expressive men don’t win the Princess.

The guy who wins the Princess is the man who has a boundary. He has a boundary that lets him fuck before 8am so he can make the next client meeting. He has the wife who visits the office wearing the outfit, is close with the office Secretary and knows her kink and sets up Miss Front Desk with the dudes who like to engage in some cosplay.

The guy with the non-romantic cojones?

He has the complacent wife who puts out for him while he thinks about how to handle the caseload of his job.

He has he wife who knows she has that pussy wax scheduled (and  willingly paid for) on Tuesday.

He knows she has that Chamber dinner on Wednesday that he’ll attend if she will wear the black number that shows her side boob and clearly tells his peers he has paid for her rack and he is not sharing.

Then, there’s the romantic. He loves her legs, her ass, her form and how she loves to suck his dick. The romantic lets his cock bury inside her ass, lets her talk dirty in his ear begging him to take her dancing, sans panties, and offers her heart to him if he will just make her cum every day before breakfast.

Fucking Money. It doesn’t equal pleasure. 

#for Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of Ret’s mind.




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