Where are the moments we wish we had altered? Do they disappear as quickly as they were set free? Or do they linger, taunting us, chiding our failures?

There’s the age of reason.

There’s the coming of age.

There’s the mid life crisis

There’s the peri-menopause stage.


But what if, just what if, we have the perfect storm? The late onset coming of age mixed with the onset of menopause?

There would be a realization of age as a defining moment.

We’d see no need for a midlife crisis; indeed, midlife and crisis, paired, would be too neat.

What if the tumultuous and messy came in the form of awakening the teenage self with the exit of time? What if we suddenly woke, aware that we missed out and we paired it with the surge of energy to make up lost time, avoid regret, steal a few more years of invincibility?

Don’t cry about what you’ve missed. Don’t brag about what you are finding. Just live in the moment, grateful you learned anything at all. 

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