4 thoughts on “Quote Day: Dumas

    • We may actually be less aware of this today than many were in the past. seems as though we have all this technology and movies and free expression suggesting we are more complex or on a personal journey which MUST be so different than another’s; we struggle thinking we are alone. But if we turn to the ancients, they sit silent, knowing.

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      • I feel that the technology, gadgets and new wave thought are millennia away from becoming even slightly innate. Our mental ability of coping, feeling and loving has been developed after millions of years of finding what is successful. Our great-grand parents had the same securities and insecurities as we and dealt with them in very similar ways.


        • I rail against the notion that all in our life has been predetermined, that the cosmos has a plan. It is because I am selfish and want to believe my thoughts matter and my future is mine to make. I struggle with giving up the struggle believing if I lie and wait for my full life to make itself known; there is no purpose in learning anything at all.

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