Kaepernick is not playing around

He is kneeling. He is using peaceful protest. He is making the $$$$ of those leagues feel a little discomfort; discomfort which may inspire positive change. He isn’t sitting. He isn’t raising a fist or a baton. He is taking a knee, like we do when an injury has occurred, to respectfully acknowledge pain. Think bigger people, apply this off the field, across a nation, beyond the comfort of your television entertainment. His action is precisely why this flag flies. His not playing is apparently a price he is willing to pay.


Stand on Principle, or Kneel.

#for Reticent Mental Property. August 16, 2017



2 thoughts on “Kaepernick is not playing around

  1. The anthem takes between 40 to 55 seconds to complete. It is a perfect time , a very short time for us all to have a chance to openly show and exercise our right to express how we are feeling about how the U.S. is doing. We are free to use the time to express pride, simple comradery or yes, even protest. As Americans, we should all be allowed to express ourselves anyway we wish for a lousey 40 to 55 short seconds without alienation, retribution or penalty. As a matter of patriotism, it should be unlawful for any person, corporation or organization to deny us or penalize us for exercising that right. He is being wrongly penalized by the NFL. If they don’t want or understand this expression, then don’t start every game with.

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