go beyond the peripheral appropriateness directing your life

go around the curves and over the cliffs that limit fluidity

go under if there is no way to bring your authentic courage to the forefront

we aren’t what we are supposed to be

few are

we aren’t more than we think we are- though we would like to be,


Define the poetry that captures you-

does it bleed survivor or victim?

you want to claim survivor,

yet, how can you be one without the other? Be honest.

Take apart your dreams-

You are left with impossibles. Yet, you dare.

because you are superhuman? no.

–because you are alive.


Don’t stop lying to yourself

 if this is what it takes to get you through to the story you own. 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of the web. October 3 2017. On the Eve, of Libra.





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