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RMPXiah2 AgentProvacateur

HER:      Sending sweet kisses and a pat on your fine ass.

HER:      Ok. Maybe slip you some tongue.

HER:      And a brief moment of time on my knees with your hardness in my mouth.

HIM:      You are so f’n sexy.

HER:      Inspired.By.REH

(yes, this is on the label of all my black, lacy lingerie)

HIM:      I’m turning around. Now.  I’ll be there in 7 minutes.



She knew how to turn things around.  Wednesdays are for distractions. Be One.


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Unnecessary Apologies


I pushed my luck but I got away with it. lol.

A weak moment of mine fueled by my appreciation for your gift giving.  I have been bought?

Just consider it the gift of a dear friend. Your true affections cannot be purchased, only given.

Of course I cannot be bought and I am far too expensive for most.

A smart man would offer you your unconditional freedom and then joyous laughter, play and ferocity should you choose to return.

Have I surrounded myself with such wise men?

I think I have been as light as a feather in the past couple of months. And intend to stay so.

Then I shall catalogue you as worthy and add you to my collection of rare treasures.

Thank you. I miss you, your gorgeous smile.You are making me lust for you.

Shall I apologize for making you lust for me. I think not.



It was always this way with him.  He desired the chase as much as the capture. 

#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web with a nod to Eva and her craft.

la petite Mort

Filming on chromakeyla petite Mort

Hiring for videos of the above topic. No experience needed. Over 18. A complete application includes name, age, height, weight, hair color, eye color, skin color, availability for phone call to discuss work, and when you are available for at least one hour, and more. Lots of other work available. Please put “Naughty” in the subject line of your email. Thanks.

la petite mort is not naughty.
blank verse allows so much interpretation.
as does, “Lots of other work available.”
Think of my work offering as a giant buffet, not unlike “old country buffet”  you can pick and choose, not everything may work for you, but, perhaps, there is something that does.  let me know your wants, your needs, your desires, and your passions.  (Not necessarily sexual, but that which makes you smile, or walk a little straighter. )  Talk to me, my princess, my buttercup, my empty pallet.  And let me know if you have any ideas that work for you.
Some are for marketing materials for three books I am writing.Some are for specific assignments, mostly from a model who worked for me about 11 years ago, here in town, who, with her husband develop websites to the extent that they have a webmaster on salary, in their office.  They develop the business for that website, then cut it loose, and let one of their staff handle the day to day while they go on to the next project.  They have worked with most of the models within the LA basin, and have about 9 or 10 people like me, know as “birddogs” who search for and develop new talent. Some projects are purely speculation, for portfolio work, or future projects. All projects use a standard model release form, essentially duplicating U.S. copyright law, which states that the artist owns the work, and can sell it. Pay rates are as follows, and are for still and video work.  The rates are developed by looking at the Screen Actors Guild pay rate for Independent Film productions, and also have some input from the pay rates used in the industry in the San Fernando Valley, in Cali.$20 per hour for clothed, including swimsuit and lingerie
$30 per hour for topless, if you want
$40 per hour for fully naturalPaid in cash, at the time of the shoot. I realize that most of the models/actors, in the area are students, or have other jobs, and a full 8 to 10 hour day is not going to happen.  I generally will aim for a two hour shoot, minimum, but, have also done one hour shoots.  If you have three to five hours free, we may take all that time. Before we get started, you and I will sit down for a discussion.The area of fantasy and fetish is challenging to define.  One persons kink may be terrible to another.  I will ask the following:
What level of clothing are you comfortable with
What level of language are you comfortable with
What level of personal interaction are you comfortable with.  (ranges from “Stay at least three feet away” to “That was good, can we do it again?”
What is your meaning of fetish?   Check Wiki for the full range of experiencesWhat is ok, what is not ok, and what is not ok, but might be ok, if these conditions are met. BDSM=  Bondage, Degradation, Sado, Masochism.  What is ok, and not ok.
All this is designed, so that when we are finished with a shoot, you don’t look at me, and say “I didn’t know you were going to do that!”  We are not shooting a Pepsi commercial,  we are exploring the edge.What your decisions, restrictions, and interests are will define what work I offer.Thanks for putting up with this lengthy diatribe.  If you are still interested, we can meet, at a McD.  With the subject matter, perhaps not in McD, or not in a coffee house is preferred.  Thanks.  W.

I’m not model material.  And frankly, 40 bucks an hour is just not enough…I’d rather maintain my Mistress position and let him videotape anything he wishes.

I am however, very pro orgasm and women doing what they wish with their bodies…so I wish you well in your search….and I love to learn– that is, your response was very informative without any risk to my safety… gotta love online ads for adventure and its own cast of characters.  Thanks for being so open.  R.

So, name your place for a no risk meeting.  I use McD because everybody can find it.  If I say Java Juice on the west side, where the hell is that.  If I say Einsteins, on the east side, nobody knows where that is,  if I say Starbucks, which one.  So, your choice-  princess, or slave girl.

Perhaps, Sir, i was not clear in my previous response?

I’m not model material, not slave material.

The pay is inadequate

and meeting invites risk to which I’d rather not expose myself

thank you again for your openness on your work and enjoy your weekend- R.

what would adequate pay be for your attentions, which would include what in particular?

My attentions were not part of your original ad, Sir.

Has your intent altered?

I am a male.
My attentions and my intent are subject to change in a New York minute (whatever that is).
Changing conditions in my stream of conscious modify and redirect my goals, motivation, ambitions, and desires.And you.  What is your quest?  Your search?  The questions you seek answers to, particularly when you answer ads of my sort?  Smiles, my princess.

I thought only women could get away with the changing-of-the-mind-on-a-whim argument…

I respond to job ads to fulfill my ever evolving living list…a variety of complex reasons which boil down to adventuring while I still can kind of approach.  I’ve met a variety of interesting people on-line,  most very, very kind and good people, everyone with their own baggage and needs… and flavors… I’ve done some interesting things but safety is always an issue. Really irritating actually…I’d like to travel in places where I would be safe as a man, but as a female, much more difficult.  See, I’m not much different than most women you’ve met, am I?

All women are a fine stew, of wonderment, adventure, kindness, and sometimes, more baggage than the basement of a Greyhound Bus.  However, that said, they tend to be fun to meet, fun to know, and sometimes fun to see in the real view mirror.  As far as safety, nothing starts as well as coffee at a cute little coffee shop, for McD is easier to find, it the location is not in your neighborhood.  What are your passions, not necessarily sexual, but those things that bring a smile to your lips, a bounce in your step, and something to thing about during quiet moments, when your thoughts belong to yourself?

Yes, we are…

ahh…those quiet moments when, finally, my thoughts are my own… what stirs me, you ask

  • reading, writing, red wine, coffee with good friends
  • mysteries and well told tales enjoyed on long car rides to somewhere and no where
  • art shows and dramas, conductors who feed off the pulse of the music they are making
  • dressing up, heels and a strong hand on the small of my back
  • touch
  • the pleasure of watching the mist cross the water, the sound of rushing waterfalls, sunrises that blind, and sunsets that soothe, the heat of a jacuzzi soak
  • the smell of grass and worms, in the spring, and fresh cut hay
  • holding a warm cup of coffee in my hands while sitting hip to hip with someone, and sharing good conversation
  • spas, reflexology, facials and pedicures
  • plucking plums off trees in the fall and sucking out the pulp and spitting the seed
  • the magic all around us
  • fire in the pit, a glass of wine in hand, faces lit by the flames
  • hands in my hair, longest fingers holding my head at the base and with the flesh of the thumbs pressed to each side of my chin, the thumbs crossing my lips, back and forth…
  • anticipation
  • good memories
  • that point of crying, after…sometimes
  • unplanned conversations and confessions in the night
  • silence
  • thinking, learning, living
  • connecting when I wish
  • his loft
  • my privacy
  • knowing what I know, doing what no one expects of me, hearing music again, making my own choices*

I could go on and on and on and on and on…

*a friend of mine tells me
1) the first line is usually what one is expected to say
2) the middle is complex and distracting and should be left for later exploration
3) the last mention is the real grit

I think that I might enjoy the sound of your voice as you tell me your thoughts.  perhaps while we walk thru a state park, perhaps with you sitting in front of me, with my arms around you, perhaps in a quiet coffee shop, with our eyes locked.  perhaps…..

ohhh, you are just falling for my words…

this happens…

He was never heard from again; and  she continued to live.   
#For Reticent Mental Property

St. Valentine

RMPstvalentineprague2:25 PM granite: how is your afternoon
2:26 PM me: hi hi hi
2:27 PM granite: keeping busy?
 me: no, my afternoon is quiet….YOURs is busy
2:28 PM granite: yeah i know…should be done at 2 though
2:29 PM me: and that’s when my shift ramps up…whatevah…
2:30 PM granite1207: ahh. jesus we have timing
 me: yes
2:31 PM did u get my email…?
 granite: yes ….very nice pic you are pretty
2:37 PM me: r u working or playing?… teasing.
 i am playing.
but i’m supposed to be working.
 i’m a very bad employee.
 granite: i am working…wish i was playing with you…
  lol good for you
  we all need distractions
 me: just this week or so…mostly i’m an awesome employee…i just get so much done i have time to play…
2:40 PM granite: well i work 50-60 hrs a week so can take some time
 me: I wore my boots today…
 granite: ooh very sexy
 me: 50/60hrs?…and you want to add more to your life…?
 granite: lol yup exaclty
  as i said i have some flexibility during the day time
2:41 PM me: clearly this kind of relationship is time consuming…i hope you know what you are (trying) to get yourself into…
2:42 PM granite: oh i do very well
  and i intend to invest the time into it if it works out
  one must have priorities
2:43 PM me: oh, i know your priorities…do you think we have any common ground beyond, er, that one area of priority…?
2:44 PM guess we’ll find out.
2:45 PM granite: lol yes wel will… we will see when we have pillow talk …
2:46 PM me: you sound pretty sure of the pillow…lunch first (and I don’t mean me…) then we will see…
2:47 PM granite: lol of course..but i think we will click
 me: i might like pillow fights over pillow talk…
2:48 PM granite: hmm that could be kinky
 me: most everything can be…
2:51 PM hold that (dirty) thought…lunch plan…let’s make one…where…time… I’ll be busy west side til 12:30ish…
2:54 PM granite: uf dah.. i have a meeting at 1
2:55 PM me: laughing. l nearly spit out coffee.
 granite: free from 1045-1
  lol i now
  really normally my schedule is not this going on vacation next wed so have alot planned to make up for that
2:56 PM me: be careful. i’m going to start taking this scheduling issue as a sign…VACA– that’s what’s doing it… always have to put in two weeks the week prior to get one week off…
2:57 PM i hope you are going somewhere tropical where they bring you Mai-tais and lemon scented towels…
2:58 PM granite: well quite the opposite..somewhere where there are mountains and 12 inches of fresh snow
2:59 PM going to Utah
3:00 PM me: oh yes…no sex there… bwahaha… sorry, that is probably not funny…ok. a mountain trip. Then i hope someone (wearing furry high heels and a thong brings you a nice sidecar in the evening so you can unwind and warm up all over…)
3:01 PM granite: ha that would be nice..i am meeting family and staying with them out there, so def. no sex
  there will be wine
  oh that reminds me..what is your religious background
3:02 PM me: i’m devout and nun-like.
 granite: well i am pious and priest like
  so we are good
  i was raised catholic and and now an atheist
  the reason i bring it up is I was going to insult mormons
3:03 PM cuz in Utah its freakin hard to buy booze
 me: insult at your leisure. btw i have GOT to see that play about Mormons…
 granite: yes me too!
  Book of Mormon
  is playing in Chicago
3:04 PM me: Yes, that’s it.
 granite: i kinda should have figured you weren’t mormon
 me: i have vehemently rejected my catholic upbringing. I have always thought I was born in the wrong pew.
 granite: well we have that in common too
3:06 PM me: I prefer Muir, ” No wonder the hills and groves were God’s first temples, and the more they are cut down and hewn into cathedrals and churches, the farther off and dimmer seems the Lord.”
3:07 PM but i am not an atheist. yet.
3:09 PM granite: well you are going to hell anyway
 me: this i know. if there is a hell.
3:10 PM granite: that is why i don’t believe in it…
 me: how long did it take you to kick the church’s ass to the curb…?
3:11 PM oh. hold that thought. you know the time. it’s time. must go.
 granite: okay will tell you more on that later
3:12 PM me: Must go pray to St. Valentine over dinner for guidance and how to save my soul…
 granite: lol st valentine …he will likely make you more corrupt
  which is good
3:13 PM me: it is who i am.
 granite: ha i kinda figured
 me: you have no idea.
 granite: oooh really???
  i hope to find out your darkest secrets
 me: i hope i’m able to trust you to allow them to be revealed…
3:14 PM granite: i will protect them always
 me: thank you.
3:15 PM ttfn
 granite: bye now
 me: bye
# for Reticent Mental Property

Coffee Date

1:14 PM granite: hi there
1:16 PM me: hey coffee date
 granite: lol hey naughty girl
 me: we seem like old friends
1:17 PM granite: lol yes ..we do know some dark secrets about each other
 me: know each other’s well
1:18 PM granite: actually probably some things no one else knows…
1:19 PM me: some things my own mind does not even know…yet…
 granite: ha but i do know what your body wants…
1:20 PM me: and i know what yours desires…
1:21 PM granite: wants and desires…the basis of passion
 me: and soon all of this will come crashing together, in a public venue… oh my…better maintain your composure …
1:22 PM granite: lol i am not worried about me…
1:23 PM me: correct. i am certainly projecting a bit…i will not be as chatty in person i’m afraid…patience.
 granite: no worries…alot easier to tallk on here
  i can tell you how i want your mouth on myhardness
  harder to do that in a coffee shop
1:24 PM lol
1:25 PM me: and i can tell you how i’m willing to have you hold me, locked in place, kneeling in front of you…but probably will have to say that with my eyes in a coffee shop.
1:26 PM granite: lol hmmm yes your hands tied behind your back, as i grab your hair
  you are correct
1:27 PM meso i must get on the road…
 granite: same here
  see you soon
 me: yes.
#for RMP

Taking care of the Tile Guy

Joe: welcome back
 me: had to take care of the tile guy…lol.
 Joe: sounds like fun
3:19 PM me: well i was all revved up, from you, and he was giving off heat since he came thru the door this morning to set the fireplace tile
 Joe: hehe…oh really?
 me: serious.
 Joe: serious
3:20 PM me: yes.
3:21 PM nice looking guy…blue eyes. Isaac. good handshake. felt him immediately… hard to concentrate around him…
 Joe: go on…
3:22 PM me: I seriously wonder how many times he gets offers.
 Joe: did you offer anything?
 me: what do you think…
3:23 PM i did have boots on… he was powerless…
 Joe: oh please, go on
 me: i was all alone here.
  i couldn’t help myself…
3:24 PM the couch is right there…
3:25 PM Joe: just told him to take you there
3:27 PM me: i said, “you should tell me you are a happily married man, a devoted husband….and how many times do you get propositioned on the job? you have been throwing heat since you came in this morning.”
  just like that.
  he looked me right in the eyes and didn’t even hesitate.
3:28 PM he said, it happens less that i’d like.
3:29 PM I told him no one was home and i wasn’t expecting anyone. I leaned over and unzipped one boot and stepped out of it. And then the other.
3:30 PM you know my rule. skirt. no panties. there wasn’t much in the way except his knee pads which he seemed pretty comfortable dropping in a short order. Couple of velcro pulls and he was able to walk right over to me.
Joe: god that’s hot
February 26, 2013 for RMP