Kaepernick is not playing around

He is kneeling. He is using peaceful protest. He is making the $$$$ of those leagues feel a little discomfort; discomfort which may inspire positive change. He isn’t sitting. He isn’t raising a fist or a baton. He is taking a knee, like we do when an injury has occurred, to respectfully acknowledge pain. Think bigger people, apply this off the field, across a nation, beyond the comfort of your television entertainment. His action is precisely why this flag flies. His not playing is apparently a price he is willing to pay.


Stand on Principle, or Kneel.

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There’s no time for wasting


Lie back, settle in the pillows, covered in the sheet, the sweat from lovemaking, the sheen of desire.

Feel your clock ticking, deny it exists, renew the fervor for conquering fears. Look into your lover’s eyes and know that today, this moment, the present is all there is. Let go of the past, the future. Be in the the now.

Know yourself, if you are able. Seek your centered core, the purpose of your existence, the heart of your heart. Is it not here? Do you not feel it beating inside your chest? Perhaps you are not yet awakened to its sound. This will come, in time, if you are willing.

You have followed the proscribed path. You have handled the constant distractions. You have believed in tradition, perseverance and goodness. Yet you feel lost. You are loved but only when you follow expectations. Indeed, you leave and you are walled off. Proof you never really belonged at all. How did you not see this?

Feel your way through the darkness. You have the light of your mind to guide you. You have the staff of truth to thrust into the ground as you seek the path of content. You do not trust your own steps on the rocky path, the soles of your shoes they are slick, they are worn. You carry on, forward, marching toward your heart’s spoken ease. There is only rest and love-making to embrace your limbs. Yet you are hesitant, resistant, conformed.

Free yourself from your mind. Be open to your loins. Be unencumbered by the restrictions of form.


Go. Do. BE. Embrace your honest, most authentic self. 

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Chains as a Symbol of Freedom



$100 Million in box office debut means something.  The rise of Wonder Woman does not surprise most women. The story, rooted in feminism,  the movie directed by a female, is enjoying the perfect storm given the country’s feminist uprising against the current president and the administration’s proposals.

My daughters are reluctant to see it; perhaps they feel the WW uniform is designed for male viewers rather than for athleticism? Perhaps they feel superheroes are only men and women simply play sidekicks?

Perhaps I have taught them too well.

Our children are in the middle of history making moments. They may not realize it. But most moms do. 


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where is her head, he wonders.

where is her loyalty, he wonders.

where is her lover, he wonders (and stands tall)

where is her mind tonight?

is she alright?

is she messing with everyone to the Left and the Right of her fucked. up. life.

She’s been a good girl.. She’s been so strong, She’s got a crazy feeling, she’s been led down.the wrong path. again.

She’s got a sense of pride, she doesn’t want to hide, she’s got a shot to go big.

She’s in the middle of  a dream for a couple of children, those wanna-be-men. sigh.

She’s got a job to do, a duty

to fulfill.

She’s got a semblance of pride. 

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Desired. And not.

STbraceletsChelseaDelucaThere’s a coldness in her eyes, a walk that won’t sway, a melancholy sigh in her step.

She’s a woman of complicated wanting. She’s a woman of the simplest of ways.
She’s been to the ocean and desert; she’s traveled her heart, his, and her time. .

She’s comparing the beds of the others, beds of silk, beds of rest, best of the best.

She’s left all her inhibitions in writing, expecting a challenger to cum out of the fray.

She’s not a woman of answers, she’s excited to answer the call, she seeks what the wild abandon has left wanton and empty for all. She gives far more than expected, she’s sacrificed, sweaty thigh-quaking, to find- no to hold- the holy grail of love making truth.

She’s a mere novice, a tolerant giver. She’s willing to reveal all to You. 

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I’ve lived the traditional road. Married young, faithful, accommodating, not free.

I’ve left a burned path behind me. Lived large for 30, then unfaithful for three.

I’ve apologized for my transgressions. Left the life, never regretting setting myself, free.

But then I took notice of the silence.

Took care about the falling from grace.

I stood strong on principle and fashioned arguments that would not fail.

I lived big and high and mighty.

I lived less, and low and lusty.

It was a way of life for the ones who were romantic; an escapade emulated by few.

I’m a woman with a want and a passion. I desire to make myself into two. One of me will meet all your measures. The other will be everything to anyone.but.You.


She’s a girl in a woman’s position. She will learn. She will grow. She will die. 


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2014-03-13-10-07-50What do you want?

You know what you want at your core, your deepest core, your basest desire.

You know.

You are just afraid to want it. Afraid to say it out loud. Afraid to defend your choice, maybe? Afraid to go for what feeds the roots of your desires.

Fear. You fear. You fear abandoning the rigidity of practicality. You fear wanton abandon, hedonism, feeding your primal mouth and hips and loins and lust.

You are a taker. Wait until someone stumbles along, who is capable, trainable, malleable, passionate enough to play, your games, your mess, your head.

Devour your moment, child. Do not let it pass unheeded. Fill your mouth with blasphemy, fill your heart with need, fill your hips with outward expression, join with your lover.

She had abandon. She waved it like a flag of defense; not all can embrace the kneeling, the bowing, the scraping to the god of the flesh. 

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