Erotic Pen Pals 10 (Joe: Negotiating Partners)

RMPEPP3legsunderTableJOE via email to RET
I’m gonna keep writing. I’ve got plans for us, and maybe one other person…
Guy or Girl?
RET via email to JOE

Hmmm.  Holding and nuzzling and tasting a woman’s breasts, and her mine, the weight of them in my hands is so gorgeous,  I can see why men love them so…and i have a close girlfriend  i find very attractive and surprising how often i imagine deeply kissing her…Two men, would love that of course. And, I’m willing to share your body with a woman…if it makes you happy. makes you feel amazing, just come back to me after. just keep me a tiny bit above her in your adoration…

Can you believe we just started this on what, Monday?

JOE via email to RET
It’ll be another guy, and at one point another girl. You’ll be number 1 to me, and that’ll be obvious for how it’ll end.And yeah, this has been a great week

JOE another installment

Here’s a taste of a little more:

The rain continued to beat down on your skin, dripping down your breasts, on to your stomach and into my face. The muscles in your body, once pulled tight with the pleasure of an intense orgasm, began to relax slowly. Gradually, your breath came back to you in pieces. The feeling in your arms and legs shot up and down, leaving goosebumps in their wake. You collapsed to the floor in a pool over cold water, steam pouring off your body and dissipating into the crisp night air. Your eyebrows, raised in surprise of how one man could leave you feeling equal levels of exposed and complacent, couldn’t quite hide your eyes as you gazed into mine. Crawling into my lap, you kissed me, once again tasting your juices on my mouth and licking them from my lips. This moment, as unreal and celestial as it was, couldn’t keep the science of a warm body being surrounded by cold water at bay. Before long, we were shivering and desperately grasping for our soaked clothes.

“Fucking you in the rain seemed like such a good idea at the time,” I joked. “I forgot about the whole ‘wet clothes’ thing.” Gathering our clothes up, we huddle together and walk back to the conference room. I had to improvise, and without a second thought I pulled a table cloth from the nearest table. Laughing to myself, I secretly wished for a flower vase to be left on the table so I could attempt to leave it unmolested as I yanked the cloth from under it. Perhaps later. For now, the thrill of making you orgasm so intensely is likely more than enough to make you want to stick around, at least for now. Wrapping you up in the very abrasive cloth, I pulled you close to me as we sat on an undeniably comfortable floor with our clothes spread around us in a vein and ultimately futile attempt to dry them off. The air conditioning kicked on, which was next to the last thing we needed right now. The last item would walk though the door behind us, turning the lights on.

“I was promised dinner at this thing, I didn’t expect a show,” came a voice abruptly. I didn’t bother to look up, it was pretty obvious what turn of events just transpired. Suddenly, I didn’t feel so cold. It’s amazing how quickly embarrassment can get the blood to go coursing through your body. “So tell me, how’d you get one of the most beautiful women in this situation? She was shooting other suitors down like clay pigeons. I actually felt sorry for a few of them.” He walked to a table near us, pulling a chair away and sat down casually, as if he weren’t talking to two naked strangers curled up in a table cloth after having very passionate sex in the middle of the pouring rain in public. Perhaps he led a very interesting life.

Rubbing my hand on your back and letting it come to a rest on your hip, I thought briefly before answering. Until now, I hadn’t really considered what about me made me worth the risk. After all, it’s not every day that you fall for someone so hard that you end up exposing yourself in every way to them. “Couldn’t tell ya,” was all I managed. And I couldn’t. Sometimes, it’s best to not count your blessings. Sometimes, you just enjoy them.

“Well, I don’t want to bother you two love birds. So I’ll be going.” He got up and slowly walked away. ‘You came in here for something,’ I thought. He stopped short of the door and turned towards us ‘…and here it is.’ “You know, I can get your clothes down to the dryer we use for this stuff. It won’t take too long. Of course, it might take awhile before they get done,” his words were carefully chosen, much like predatory animal chooses it’s prey. He had an angle, and was hastily playing it. “I could keep all these doors locked and get the air conditioning turned off in here.”

“Such a wonderful offer,” you speak up. “I wonder what could possibly be in it for you…” Your words cut to the core of the situation the way I never could. Once again, I find myself amazed at the depth of your personality. I wonder just how deeper this rabbit hole will go.

Sitting back down, he takes his coat off and lays it on the table behind him. Loosening his tie, he unbuttons the top button of his shirt. Glancing at me, we have an unspoken conversation. We both know what he wants, and with the absence of hesitation on either of our parts, we quickly get to the same page. Kissing me delicately on the cheek, you whisper something into my ear. It’s what I needed to hear to reassure me about what was to come. Sliding the cloth off your shoulders, you stand up, hips slightly skewed. He walks over slowly to you, taking you in his arms and leans in for a kiss. You pull your head back, whispering “Not those, hon.” Gesturing down at me, “those are for him.” He stares at you blankly before chuckling. Looking at me, he says nothing. he doesn’t need to. His face has a hint of envy. You’ve woven an intricate web, one that keeps me safe, and him ensnared.

You unbutton his shirt, and remove it, working on his belt. Standing next to him, I can’t help but look down at the situation you are in. Naked and entirely under the will of two men. Yet, even with the odds stacked against you, you somehow prevail. The expression on your face conveys excitement as you pull off his boxers. Grabbing our shafts with either hand, you begin to pump them, slowly at first, getting a good squeeze in. Giving me one more point of pride over our new friend, you take me in your mouth first. He sucks his teeth a little bit, knowing he’d just have to wait until you were done with me.

Somehow, I knew you wouldn’t be done with me until the next day. Of this, I was confident. Getting me deeper down your throat, you speed up your hands, making him bend his knees slightly. Sliding me back out, you trace your tongue along the bottom of my shaft all the way to the head. Dripping with your spit, you retake it in your hand, pumping it with similar ferocity. Now, you look over to him and give him what he was waiting for. But not right away; no, your plans are mischievous indeed. You tease his shaft with your tongue, resting it against your nose as you take in his balls, giving each one a fair suck and pop. Licking back up to the head, you close your lips around it. Pausing ever so long, you finally plunge in and by the sounds of it, he approves. Taking him deep in your mouth, you keep pumping my dick with your hand, easing up on your grip but speeding up drastically. Slowly, you slide him out of your mouth, swallowing the everything left over from your hard work. Pushing him towards the nearest chair, he sits down, expecting to journey where I was only moments ago. How easily he forgets who is really in charge.

Bending at the waist, you continue pleasing him. Taking my place behind you, I rub the head of my cock against the wet lips of your pussy. Just like before, I slide in without the need of assistance. Gently thrusting against your beautiful ass, I can hear you moaning against the mouthful of his dick. Sucking harder and bracing yourself on his hips, you become more and more aroused. I can hear the sound of your juices splashing off of me and feel them hitting my feet. The very notion that you are enjoying not only being with two men, but making me the more important of the two makes me gets me harder and thicker than before. You take notice and change up your strategy. Quickly sliding him out of your mouth, and slowly moving your ass away from me, you turn to straddle him, leaning gently forward guiding him into your wet pussy with one hand and returning mine to your mouth with the other. Now it became clear to me: you’re only giving him a brief glimpse. The pleasure of looking into your beautiful eyes or watching your wonderful tits bounce is reserved for me, and me alone. I can only wonder what else you’re reserving for me. It wouldn’t be long before I found out.

The sounds of his balls slapping against you echoed in the empty room as your loud moans were muffled by my cock. Stroking me, you look up into my eyes, mouth open and tongue out. Your subtle wink speaks volumes, and I know what I’m going to do. Guiding your mouth back on to me, I let my body be overcome, releasing my white load into your mouth. There is no flinching on your part, you knew it was coming, and what’s more, you wanted it. Taking it all in your mouth, you gulp it down, smiling the whole time. My body shutters and quakes, before I stumble back and sit down. Meanwhile, he begins to speed up, pulling your hair and spanking you. I notice your somewhat subdued reaction to him when compared to earlier. Perhaps I really do something for you. Perhaps you’re just worn out.

“Do I get to finish like him?” he asks expectantly.

“Not tonight, hon,” you respond.

He speeds up before finally pulling out and shooting his load all over your bare ass. His breath escapes him in gasps and grunts. Soon, he’s sitting on the floor as I am. The only difference is you’ve latched yourself back onto me, bringing our makeshift blanket back around us.

“Well…” you begin, “A deal is a deal. My blouse can be machine dried. Lock the doors behind you.”

Looking up at me, I can’t help but want more from you. Somehow, I know I’m not even close to being done with you, or you me. For now, I just sit on the floor with the knowledge that you’ve chosen me for the second time tonight. And for the second time, I can’t figure out why.

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Erotic Pen Pals 9 (Joe: Raining)

RMPEPPRainingJOE _ an installment

You kiss me deeply, tasting what I did on your lips and loving every bit of it. You let your own juices dribble off my chin and catch them on the tip of your tongue, your taste buds dancing in the moment. You give me a mischievous smile, daring my tongue to play with yours. But the time for play is over. The time we have both been waiting for since the moment our eyes locked for the very first time mere hours ago is here. Neither of us need any direction. We share the same thought, and now we’ll share the same body.


Wrapping your legs around my hips, you guide me in to you. Still wet from your juices and my saliva, I find my way into you without a problem. You definitely don’t have a problem as your mouth opens before closing and biting your lip with ardor. Grabbing the back of my neck with your hands, you bring me in close for another deep, sensual, tongue-filled kiss and just taking in the feel of my hard dick inside you. Propping your knee up with one hand and bracing myself on your hip, I begin slowly thrusting. I get deeper and deeper inside you with each thrust, allowing my swollen manhood to get drenched in your juices. You moan, sliding your blouse further down, allowing me to get a view of your perfect breasts bouncing rhythmically to my thrusts in the dim light. I speed up, fucking you harder, feeling the table beneath us wobble with each thrust. It wasn’t meant for this and I imagine when it was built and installed in this conference room, no one had idea idea that one night two strangers would fulfill their bottle desires on it.

I can’t take it any more, I need you in every way. I pick you up with my hands and hold you close to me, kissing you and feeling your breasts wet from your sweat against my chest. I turn around to and gently take you to the floor. Instinctively, you get on all fours. Your tight ass glistening from the combined sweat from our bodies. I enter you without a moment’s hesitation, grabbing on to your hips and slowly driving myself further into you. You moan and gasp with euphoria, the sound of which encourages me even more. Squeezing your ass, I gently spank you. You turn your head sharply, throwing me a look of lust I will never forget. I know that if I continue this way, I may not make it much longer and I want to squeeze every minute from you that I can. Reaching down around you, I cup and squeeze both of your breasts, pulling your body up to me. Gently, I chew on your ear and kiss your cheek, whispering delicately “Want more?”



JOE to RET via email

Well…do you want more? 🙂

RET to JOE via email

you can pound out three paragraphs -just. like. that. (snap my fingers)

argh. I’m going to fall over.

JOE to RET via email

Should I continue? I’ve got a few other things I want to do to you right now (in the story and in real life, but we’ll just stick with the story).

ME to JOE via email

If you have time to continue, yes, yes, an emphatic yes.some of the story is blurring into real life…at least i can feel it cumming off the pages right into that warm spot between my thighs..
JOE installment

The only sound you manage to make in response was somewhere between a moan and a whisper.

In any language, in any voice, it meant the same thing. Whispering more, I tell you to stand up and put your blouse mostly back on. Slowly removing myself from you, you moan in protest. I assure you that what’s in store next will make up for this brief intermission. After replacing your blouse, minus your panties and bra, I slide my pants back on. Leading you by the hand back outside. By now, the rain is pouring down and everyone from the party has left in an effort to stay ahead of it. Or so we thought.

The rain hit our bare skin and we took in the view over the city. Taking you back to where we shared our first exploration of each others body, I turn your around and lift your blouse back up. The cold rain on your skin makes your blouse harder to manage. In a fit of ecstasy, you remove it entire. Your naked body now firmly in my grasp and collecting the cool water, your nipples stand erect. Smiling to myself, I follow suit. The rain feels almost as though it was sent by the god himself on our hot bodies. I enter you again, my dick dripping with natural lubricant from several sources. Harder and harder I thrust, pulling your wet hair into a pony tail and using it to gain leverage into. The thrill of the moment is too much, and your voice begins to build on itself. I know what is coming, and I’m ready. Right as your last breath enters your mouth to vocalize your passionate orgasm, I quickly pull out, spin you around, rest one of your legs on my shoulder and return my tongue to the depths of your pussy. You squirm, moan, and tense up, spilling all your juices into my mouth, where they belong.

ME to JOE via email

i’m left withonlyclicheaftercliche after that…spent.I have no arms around me. I can’t lean into your shoulder…I can’t dry off the rain. I’m not with you.buti am I hope we can continue this arrangement.Jump to previous Erotic Pen Pals 8 (Joe: Conference Room)Jump to next Erotic Pen Pals 10 (Joe: Negotiating Partners)

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Erotic Pen Pals 8 (Joe: Conference Room)

RMPconferenceRmCeilingJOE to RET via email then an installment…

I wasn’t sure how you felt about getting fucked in the open in front of people you knew.  Perhaps it’s not too late…



It wasn’t until I heard the footsteps that I realized we weren’t alone.


I could feel the blood training from my face as the weight of yet another blown opportunity at spontaneous passion.

Taking a deep breath, I turn to see one of the staff members casually walking towards us.

I’d been in his position before and I could read his train of thought like a Dr. Seuss book. Stumbling upon such a moment, it’s almost every man’s wish to be asked to participate. Never have I known of anything like that happening, but when there’s sex with a beautiful couple on the line you tend to cling to whatever hope your brain concocts.


He casually strolls over to us, making every attempt to sell himself in those brief seconds that he’s being sized up.


Unfortunately for him, he has been found wanting.

With a condescending pat on the front of his pants, he’s dismissed back to the party for the night and, being placed on such a high pedestal, my heart returns to my throat. In no position to object to where I’m being taken, she leads me to an empty conference room nearby. It doesn’t take her more than a second once we’re alone again to resume where we left off. In two swift motions, I’m now standing without pants; again, she wastes no time. Taking every bit of me in her mouth, I can feel my whole body begin to shake. Her lips and tongue seem to search every inch of my manhood. I’m at a loss for words, for breath, even for actions. The most I can do to prevent myself from buckling at the knees is grabbing a fist full of her hair and holding on tight.


She slowly stands up, sliding a finger in my mouth and whispering two words that have never in their existence sounded as inviting as they do now.

I don’t need to be told twice.

Picking her up by her tight butt, I spin her around and set her on the table behind me, stealing a kiss as I do. Sliding my hands up the outside of her legs, I make a direct line to her panties. Bracing herself with her hands, I remove them in one quick motion, something I learned from her only seconds ago. Kissing her lips, I move down her chin and onto her neck, licking my way to her inviting breasts. She lets out a soft sigh as she lets my coat fall to the table and slides each strap off her shoulders. Pulling the top of her blouse down, I finally have an unconstrained look at what I was desperately searching for out on the balcony.

Flicking your nipples gently with my tongue, I can hear you gasping in pleasure. Looking up, you bite your bottom lip and your beautiful eyes tell me to keep going. And I do so…gladly.

Hiking up your blouse more, I kiss down your stomach, finally stopping at your pelvis. Licking each thigh, I can feel the heat emanating from your pussy. Looking up and cracking a smile at your misery as you wait for what’s to come, I finally plunge in. Delicately at first, licking the length and stopping. I probe my tongue in a little further, your juices flowing on my stubble and pooling on the table below us. Moaning more, you rest on hand on my head and prop your legs on my shoulders. Using my fingers, I slide one finger in, then two, rotate them slowly, and slide them out, never once removing my tongue from your g-spot. Sucking on it, I look up for approval, not finding any because your eyes are closed and your head is leaned back, your hair flowing like an unbridled stream down to your back. Kissing back up your stomach, I stop inches in front of your lips.


an email from RET to JOE

Ru on line with me right now?


JOE to RET via email

…maybe  🙂

RET to JOE via email

Tsk Tsk.  You’re a tease. Perhaps I’ll ask waiter boy to come back in and service me.


JOE to RET via email

That’s just mean…

RET to JOE via email

Then admit you are hanging on my every addition to the story .  Right now.

JOE to RET via email

I think that’s obvious to both of us.


Though to be fair, I am getting the email notifications on my phone and I’m on my way to do a few errands this afternoon. Your emails are just wonderful, sexy perks.

RET to JOE via email

ahhh. yes. true…

then I’ll tell the waiter boy he can come back later, much later.

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Erotic Pen Pals 7 (Ret: Wet)

RMPkellymarceau.combwConsciouslyAwakeWomenRET to JOE via email (the next day)

Thanks for keeping me balanced there on that ledge, but i’ve been out there all day and I’m cold. And hot. And bothered. All at the same time ; )


I know it is my turn to heat this scene all up, but I won’t have time to write until much later…


Is this great or what!?  Picture me jumping on your back and wrapping my legs around your hips,  you reaching back to scoop your forearms under my thighs, and carry me piggy back a few steps… you turn us in a circle, me with my arms around your neck and my laughter, with yours, ringing out into the cold night and cascading to the busy streets below our ledge.

JOE to RET via email

Oh what the hell, here’s a bit more:


After what seemed like the shortest eternity to ever exist, my head came tumbling back to Earth. I was suddenly aware of the cold, damp air filled our lungs and our exhaling breath came out as thick clouds of smoke before disappearing into the night air. You shivered, and I could only imagine how hard you fought to keep that hidden, considering how much of yourself you exposed to me already. I slowly pulled you off of the railing, removed my suit coat and wrapped it around your delicate shoulders. Glancing at the railing, I noticed the small dry spot in the middle of hundreds of puddles. It was easy to conclude where the moisture had soaked up to. I’d have to remind myself later to help you dry that piece of clothing off.

RET to JOE via email plus an installment…


you should have just fucked me there, hard, against the concrete…all my girlfriends would have enjoyed the view of your bum moving in that familiar pattern….

No worries. There will be other opportunities to have our hips lined up against walls, over car hoods, on the fenced boardwalks of a winding nature walk, on my desk, on a table in front of the window of a dark hotel room with the lights on behind us…and I know there’s a little cabin in the woods where it is much warmer than on that balcony ledge…

I shake the rain out of my hair and attempt to secure my blouse over my bare breasts.  Minus one button, it is nearly impossible.

I stuff the torn, silk strapped lingerie into your coat pocket. It would never be the same anyway. It was thoroughly shredded in your haste to press your face into the small space left between my breasts when you roughly cradled both together, dipped in with your mouth, and closed that space with ease.

I had vivid memories of your  large hands, struggling to keep your grip on the soft, but weighty gifts you found thrust into your face for the taking. I would not soon forget how you used your thumbs to stroke across the darker areola and the delightfully painful experience of you running the stubble of your cheeks over both pointed nipples, back and forth, driving me crazy with your roughness and liking it and wanting you to stop and start and then stop. Too intense for me, I sought a diversion.

Glancing over your shoulder I make sure the crowd is at bay and occupied, and notice one of the waiters has made his way to the patio door. He looks up at me on the ledge, with no surprise at all on his face, until his eyes take in the situation. He raises an eyebrow, and then licks his lips and puts his hands in his front pockets and walks toward us.

His uniform pants look oddly askew. And I know his situation. Poor waiter. He has only a minute to lift and shift his flagging erection, and his face visibly registers his awareness that my hand has found its way inside the front of your trousers.   I am pleased to have the need to stretch my fingertips in an exaggerated effort so as to meet with my thumb, and I try to lock down the animal you have clearly not tamed, and are unable to keep contained once I open your fly.

Nosy waiter guy surprises me and walks over and coughs politely, while at the same time reaching out and trailing his hand down my back and stubbornly leaving his palm resting on my lower back.  Knowing you are in a difficult position to do much to stop him as I have you firmly in my grasp, he laughs under his breath and  points to the side door leading to the empty conference room.

With a shake of his head,  he says, “Get a room, folks,” and I hear in his tone a bit of envy and a bit of regret telling me he has hopes we would not heed his directive.

I let go of the best heat source a girl on a balcony can find, and swear under my breath at myself for wishing a break from your attentions. You pull me off the ledge and wrap me in your jacket. With my eyes adjusting to the dimness, I alternate my gaze back and forth between your eyes and then down to the throbbing ungentleman-like cock that you leave blatantly exposed despite such a rude interruption.

Surprising me again, you look straight at the waiter and then at me. The waiter is taking in my cleavage and doesn’t realize I’m displeased. I shut him down with a smile that does not reach my eyes and simultaneously reach out and pat the front of waiter boy’s pants and say, “Maybe next time, honey, I’ve clearly got my hands full here…”

Without hesitation, I lick my lips and reach down with upturned palm into the front of your jeans, and with my eyes never leaving Mr. Disappointed’s face, stroke you from the head to the base, and then twist my wrist slightly to scoop your two boys into my capable hands, and lead you into the conference room.

Not more than two feet into the room, I let go only to grasp the belt loops of your slacks and push them down to mid- thigh height. In an easy maneuver, I lift my stiletto clad foot and slide it between your legs and use the toe of my shoe to drive them down to your ankles in one smooth motion.

I drop to my knees and pull your hips toward my waiting mouth, pulling those heavy orbs over my teeth and inside to the heat of my mouth, and I swirl their weight back and forth, letting them trade places and press alternately against the roof of my mouth, while I eagerly wet them down with my tongue, suck them as deeply into my throat as I can, and then release the suction causing a teasing slurp.

I’m on my knees and looking up at you. This time it is you leaning against the wall, and I own the moment. You touch my temple with one hand and I back off my tongue, release you, and inhale a heady mixture of your scent and your desire as I turn my cheek and rub it on the side of your manhood. The tip of your cut member is wet, swollen, and as I grab the base with one hand, I push you away just a bit to allow myself the room I will need to pull you into my mouth… but first I take a second to trace the wet slit of your head, and savor my first taste of you, knowing what is to come…. and I reach with my free hand in between my own thighs, push away my wet panties and fill my fingers with what is not rain water.

I reach my fingertips up to your face. You bend forward and I touch your lower lip with my wetness, and slide my finger inside your mouth, and whisper as you take what I offer, “Taste me.”

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Erotic Pen Pals 6 (Together: On the Ledge)

RMPHarryWeisburd2010RET to JOE via email

Had to start a new thread..

So we have met, and we are standing on the balcony and we rule the world. In our heads. : )

You have just kissed me and you have your hand on my hip, and you are pulling me in. Pulling me closer. No one is snickering.  Everyone is so lost in their meaningless conversations and has had too many beverages…the balcony is not private, enough. but it is dark, and on this January night, the air is frosty…R

RETs  Contribution:

As you keep kissing me, you take a step closer to me and with your feet now hip width apart, you easily take up more space, and this shields my body from the open patio door we have walked through to escape the crowd….This small movement, this masculine stance strutting your strength and primal need for connection with me, lets your thighs jut forward enough to give your own hips the tilt that unmistakably carries the promise of what is to come.


You move your other arm from the small of my back and without hiding it, you blatantly grasp the curve of my backside, and then with both hands now on my hips,  you pull me in to you, a rough reminder that you have plans for me.


I hear a quiet, but not silent moan from somewhere that escapes your throat and sends shivers down my arms.


I can’t help myself, I rest my thighs against yours and arch my back, my now hard nipples strain to find skin, your skin, knowing it will not be found here, now,  but wanting to free them, to give them to your hands, your mouth, press them into your chest, right there, no matter who can see us right now.


I’m so ready for more, i am willing to let anyone watch me, so they can find even a tiny bit of satisfaction in what is so good between two strangers who are lost in an embrace that is all about meeting carnal needs…a straining dance of give and take, of savor and devour…


JOEs Response:

Lost in this moment, I forget that we’re not alone and I rub my hands from your backside up the front of your body. Your hard nipples jump out at my touch and there is no mistaking why. Wrapped my arms around you before returning them to your rear and lifting you up on the concrete barrier and resting you gently there. You crack a smile as you wrap your legs around me and rest your arms on my shoulders.


“I think we’re putting on a bit of a show, here,” I mutter softly to you, trying to keep my voice calm beneath as my veins course with adrenaline. “Think we should move somewhere more private?”


“Let them watch…” you whisper into my ear. The words eagerly resting on my mind like the promise of something amazing to come. You return your lips to mine and dance your tongue around in our mouths with mine. A gentle moan escapes with your breath, a moan that I craved to hear from the moment my skin felt yours. “Let them watch.”

RET via email to JOE:

Ahhh. This is fun … this writing thing…

And now your voice is in my head…

I must get back to work.

Hold that thought- and hold on to me…I don’t want to fall of the balcony ledge…

JOE to RET via email.

I will hold on to anything of yours that I can. 🙂

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#for Reticent Mental Property EPP. Photo courtesy of the web and credit must be given to Harry Weisburd 2010.


Erotic Pen Pals 5 (Joe: Party)

RMPkiss me in the rain

Even as my head screamed in opposition to being uncharacteristically bold, I left my inhibitions behind. Her skin felt soft, almost inviting under my lips, and the scent of her hair filled my head like the perfectly aged wine she held so delicately in her hand. I had become so wonderfully engrossed by her that I couldn’t be bothered to notice the snickering taking place behind me. My attention during this brief moment of existence was all hers, my beautiful stranger.

As I leaned out, the noisy environment we found ourselves in caught up to us.

However distracted I once was, I knew what I wanted and what I wanted was to be alone with her in the purest sense. Somehow I knew nothing I could offer her would ever be what I felt she deserved, but I was so captivated by her being that I didn’t care. What I could give her was, in my mind, exactly what she longed for. This moment of weakness on both of our parts filled me with the confidence of a conquering general, and I gently took her hand in mine. I should have expected resistance and in any other circumstance I would have been surprised; not tonight. Once she felt my hand take hers, she was swept up in my appetite for romance.

I lead her outside to the balcony, drinks in hand and smiles plastered across our faces. We sat out there, above the weeping world covered in the glisten of the recent rain. Together, we were rulers. Her laughter steadily and reliably recharged me, and I was ready to swear off sleep with her until our bodies couldn’t support their weight and we collapsed in a heap of tangled limbs and hair. Never in my life have I conversed with someone with whom I intended to bed. However, never in my life have I felt such a calling. No one has ever reached me in such a way before. I was exploring it, I was exploring her.

Calmly, I looked into her eyes and the passion they were bursting with; the same passion I could feel she tried to deny but couldn’t. I could see it in her actions, her words, and her tone. She was a dam of ecstasy and excitement bursting at the seems. She was hanging on my every word and finally my voice found purchase with someone who challenged me on every level. I racked my brain for the words, and I was coming up with nothing. How to tell her all these feelings? In the space where words fail, I had no other option. Resting my hand on her neck and feeling her pulse race, I placed my other hand on her hip, pulling her close to me. Her eyes closed. My eyes closed. Our lips met.

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Erotic Pen Pals 4 (Ret: Man in a Suit)


The city was not the place I wanted to be tonight, but I’m here. Promising myself that I’ll stay only an hour so so, long enough to make an appearance, long enough to congratulate my good friend on her new job and catch up with the rest of the book club, I take a minute to brush out my hair and unbutton the top few buttons of my blouse.


Funny how on nights like tonight everyone digs out the fun shoes and my friends throw on everything from jeans to slinky one piece numbers that sometimes make me feel like I missed the memo on required attire.


No matter. I’m coming from work anyway and can’t stay. Another project deadline… or so I’ll tell them when I’ve hit the point where it’s time to leave while I’m still having fun.


When I arrive, everything is in full swing.  Bev brings over a glass of red for me and I settle in for the update on David and what he’s done or hasn’t done this time.


I run my fingers through my hair, weave it to the side with my fingers and anchor it behind my ear  and then turn my earring a few times as I listen to her elaborate on another Dave situation.


Across the room I catch the eye of a man with very short dark hair, who looks back at me with surprising calm as I search his face to figure out why he looks so familiar.


His nostrils flair just a bit and I see his jaw clench, then his lips part as he takes in a breath that matches the exhale I’ve released to the room.   I am breathless for a second, as though my air  has been stolen from me; this stranger has it. He holds it hostage, for a heartbeat and then sends it back to me, leaving me with an ache in my chest. I want to sit down but can’t break away from Bev and I have to steel myself and stand taller so no one notices my week-kneed reaction.


A quick hug to my sad girlfriend and I excuse myself to move to the other side of the room. As I make my way through the crowd I stop for more hugs.  I get to tease Jessica a little bit about her recent lit class.  I hand my good friend T a copy of In the Skin of the Lion by Ondaatje, hastily wrapped in tissue and anchored with a ribbon recycled from our family Christmas up north. I swoop over to smooch Erin for a missed birthday.


I’ve looked for him as I move through the room, trying not to be obvious, but unable to stop myself, and each time I steal a glance in his direction, he is blatantly staring at me, taking me in. Pulling me in, somehow. So unusual for me to have such a physical reaction to a man. He is like walking sex, and I know it, and he knows it,  and I am both flattered and appalled at my own willingness to prolong this reaction.


With a confident stride, he is walking toward me now.


I look at my friends’ faces, guessing which one he knows, assuming he is there to celebrate. But he does not seem to see them.  I raise my wine glass in his direction in toast fashion and with a nod,  acknowledge his approach and allow him to step in close to me, close enough to  feel the heat of his body.  His scent fills my head and swirls around over my tongue and into my lungs and settles there,  like it must remain so as to get to know me,  whether I am ready to share myself or not.


He leans in and grazes my cheek with a gentle kiss and I close my eyes for a just a moment, attempting to push this crowd out of this room, clear the space for this stranger, make a place for more than gentleness, make a place to act on what my body tells me it needs.

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