Kaepernick is not playing around

He is kneeling. He is using peaceful protest. He is making the $$$$ of those leagues feel a little discomfort; discomfort which may inspire positive change. He isn’t sitting. He isn’t raising a fist or a baton. He is taking a knee, like we do when an injury has occurred, to respectfully acknowledge pain. Think bigger people, apply this off the field, across a nation, beyond the comfort of your television entertainment. His action is precisely why this flag flies. His not playing is apparently a price he is willing to pay.


Stand on Principle, or Kneel.

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Chains as a Symbol of Freedom



$100 Million in box office debut means something.  The rise of Wonder Woman does not surprise most women. The story, rooted in feminism,  the movie directed by a female, is enjoying the perfect storm given the country’s feminist uprising against the current president and the administration’s proposals.

My daughters are reluctant to see it; perhaps they feel the WW uniform is designed for male viewers rather than for athleticism? Perhaps they feel superheroes are only men and women simply play sidekicks?

Perhaps I have taught them too well.

Our children are in the middle of history making moments. They may not realize it. But most moms do. 


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Reblog: Agree! And Disagree!

The following is a reblog from a fellow WordPress writer.  I am Pro-Choice, which is not, the same as Pro-Abortion. I believe it is a woman’s right to make this decision. To terminate a pregnancy or to carry to full term or to raise a child are each valid, private and critical decisions. I believe every single woman can be trusted to make these decisions just as I expect I would be  trusted to be the decision maker for my person. I believe Pro-Life supporters can and should be able to make the choice they feel is best , too and  this is the difference:  Imagine if the law required Pro-Life women to have abortions.

YES.  I  will fight to keep it legal for any woman who is Pro-Life to be able to choose for herself to continue her pregnancy. – Ret


I’m about as pro-choice as it’s possible to be. I’m unflinchingly pro-choice, even. There are no ifs, ands, or buts in my approach to abortion, no caveats, no disclaimers. I am completely opposed to “late-term” abortion bans, TRAP laws, and any other restrictions on a person’s ability to conduct their own medical affairs. I believe…

via personally pro-life, politically pro-choice — Samantha Field

Reblog: On DNC resignations and the Trump/Putin link.

The 2016 presidential election may test a theory. Do Americans like chaos – turning everything inside-out and upside-down, because what we have is somewhere between boring and stupid, and chaos is cleansing? That seems the premise of the Trump campaign. Donald Trump will break all the rules – and he does – and enough people […]

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Feed my Mind. I admire Alan’s depth of resources, comprehensive summaries and snarky commentary. Good writing plus research. Cheers- Ret