Muah and a Wink


I don’t like this disconnection while you fly.

Come back down to your earth;

Now kiss me here,

and there,

and now here,

and this spot here,



She loved to fly. He preferred to touchdown on the tiniest landing strip – the harder the better.


#for Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of Ret’sTumblr…. and TMCL who is on my mind.


RMPbuttonflyRMP: A hundred?

RMP: A thousand?

RMP: (pause, wait, think)

RMP: What will it take to cement your beautiful heart to my insatiable heat?

Tman: Just one.



She remembers the lean-in to claim it, foreheads touching after, breathing in his exhaled sigh, feeling the shift in his form and the guttural tone that invaded his voice when he offered his help with those stubborn buttons. 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web.

Reassurances linger


She sent at 23:11, still Thursday night: via text, before drifting to slumber


Just do what you do.

Touch base when you see light at the end of the crazy tunnel you must be in.

I’m here.

Not going anywhere.

No pressure to add to your world…

only softness

and kisses

and deep beautiful places to take you.


-Your Ret


His scent at 06:00, four days ago,  Monday morning:  the now-fading invasion of  his Bleu de Chanel




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In the Moment

RMPspa4handmassageAhhh, M.

Flattery, flattery.

It will get you everywhere.


Yes, I’m living for all there is. The dormancy you sense is likely just my complacent, predictable and very real life which constrains me with this chosen path, the one I signed up for, the proper, the necessary.


I sit with patience at neighborhood picnics, in meetings, even through beautiful milestones, experiencing what everyone is taken with  and yes, bubbling under my silence and calm, I am craving- dying a little bit inside without it-  keeping this hunger at bay, this need to let go and get lost in the minutes,  the hours of selfishness where I feed and nurture my curious mind and body.

I am grateful because until this point,  I have given away everything I should have saved for myself.  But no more. And no matter.  I blame no one.  I make my own choices.  I make the best out of the best and learn from the worst, am always learning.

Save your choices for after we meet.

Perhaps all is not what you desire. Perhaps what you imagine is just what you want to see in these words. You don’t really know. You will not know until the time arrives…and even then, let’s just make the most of being in the moment.



That’s all I’m counting on right now, just the beautiful waiting to bloom, the skin waiting to be warmed,  the rhythm waiting to be danced. 


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RMPsuitcasewomanHope this will take the edge off your back-to-back meeting itinerary. Wishing I were lounging around au naturale with you.  Cannot believe we are looking at another week of opposing time zones again.  XO– Your Ret

PS.  Missing you…resting now. The grounds here are lovely, everything is in bloom, lush, lovely.  It has been a long week and I’m playing hooky from the board discussion on that piece of property on the south end.


Ahh. Those. are so beautiful.  And You. Are all mine.  I’ve been slammed all morning, since 6:30 and just had a chance to enjoy. So very sexy, Honey.


Kisses then. If anything, now you’ll have some imagery to draw upon when you manage to sneak a nap.

You know… I love sending you racy words and pics and providing care of your very manly interests while you work so hard.  The only thing better would be to have the ability to rifle through your suitcase and pull out one of your shirts and find your cologne strutting around in my head when I hit the send button.


Those years of heavy travel were eased with his rapid embrace of the latest digital technology and her willingness to create uncensored artful distractions for him.

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Dance Partner


You must be feeling better, Dear.

Yes. Yes I am. I’m not yet tango material, but a close,  slow dance, the length of my body pressing to yours…yes.

That sounds wonderful.  Would this be vertical or horizontal dancing?

With me it always seems to start out vertical, with the most honorable intentions…

And then?

And then I end up back to the wall,and my knees fail me

as your hands hold me in place

and pull me to you

and your lips graze my ear to whisper how you’d like to have your way with me

while my heaving chest, rises and falls, in exaggerated fashion,

assisting my breasts in finding your heart

and encouraging your chin to nuzzle forward into the triangle at the base of my throat

and your lips to burn a path from neck to the hollow below my ear and


lightly skim across my cheek

and the tip of my nose

and the curve of my closed eyelids and

back down to my waiting mouth

where we kiss and inhale each other

taking the taste of authenticity deep into our lungs

to remind ourselves




That is spectacular,  Dear.  Just perfect.  I’ll lead now.

If she had any regrets at all:  Failure in perfecting the dip.   

#for ReticentMentalProperty

Tantric Partner

Women wait for interviewWanted: Tantric Demonstration Partner

The Interview

So rather than formally go to some sort of program/school for certification –and it DOES exist –you are taking the alternative route of providing the basic introduction, and some instruction, for a fee to clients who are not necessarily concerned about a credentialed therapist?  Yes. 

A portion of the fee goes to your female assistant?  Yes,  she serves as model for couples sessions and for single males who pay for the experience of sitting within inches of her flesh. She can demonstrate fellatio and other arts if she is capable, willing.

In preparation, your new assistant will likely engage in some training with you as well, for no fee, and it will be fun for both and if they are compatible, everyone has happy endings.  Is that correct? Yes. 

What do I wear? Whatever you’d like, before.  During, nothing. 

No typing? None.

A successful tantric experience requires trust-  a bond with the partner – and if you want to achieve trust, you’ll need to touch me and I’ll show you how my body and mind responds.  Yours is not a question, but Yes.

It was a fantastic working relationship.  His hands worked his magic, she fed his clients’ curiosity,  and over and over, she rose to his touch -during- and again, after.

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