Climbing out


Everyone gets down.  (Get up)

Everyone gets propped up. (Lean on me)

No. they don’t.

But I did. (I have the stronger companion)

I am no one, but I am someone to someone.

I have been lifted- soaring on wings he flies.

I have been raised- believing I’m worthy of any gaze.

I’ve been honored- given the gift of adoration  and sweet touch

I’ve been loved- when I didn’t love enough

Leaps of faith- I had shrugged off, abandoned, ridiculed.

Harmony created by someone other than me- I had believed impossible.

Gentle touch, turning to passion and dirty encouragement- I have now embraced and take with great pride, with great exertion, with great result and indescribable poetic pain.


Give her more than she thinks she can handle; give her a lover who knows that she can. Climb out- not on a limb but from the depths. Cheers, Love, cheers. 

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cannot touch




Let’s get truthful and telling.

Let’s let truth do her telling.

Don’t feed me a line of some miserable time

when you thought you could flay me wide open.

I was the vulnerable type. It’s true


Give me the worse of your day.

I’ll throw back the day of your worst.

Just give me some time to make peace with my mind

instead of this second guessing, of  victim and bride

I wanted the fairytale. And more.


Flash forward to life with perspective.

I’ll give you not satisfaction or play.

You think that you want to know what you’ll get

but you really just want to avoid all of it.

I wanted to be free. now I am.


Now I am.


Time to breathe.


Time to breathe in.


Exhale, slowly.

She did as was told. She turned cold and old. She came alive with the touch of his hand. Give more, she cried. Give less, he deflected. And together they found compromise. 


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throw away all your sanity, call it grey matter.

throw away all the arguments, lost

throw away all the insight you’ve gleaned from the leavings of someone who calls himself boss.

throw away all the trappings of the mud you have shaped, into life loves and bittersweet aches.

she’s a woman, just one.

she’s no more than the sum of your hardness.

She’s fleeting, leaves pain behind, crawls up inside that space you defend.

Give it a day or a decade.

She’d met her match in the moment she lied.


do not try to play the temptress or fool. do no try to defy the fidelity rule. 

#for Reticent Mental Property. images courtesy of the web. and silence. hear it. yes, hear it.


word of the day


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her tumultuous relationship with him over the years was cause for continuous concern and joyful abandon. Never had she been so entranced by one man’s words, so persuaded by anyone’s declarations, so at ease in someone’s arms.

he was a man of few deviations, steady, glass always half full. he was beautifully consistent, a romantic, one who could tell you to stay, to play, to pay…and one would.

yet the truth would fall forward, lie bare, be spewed in the spittle of her rival. he would be rejected, reviled, wet with tears of one.

And  in equal measure, hers. Yes, two.

Together the duo stood solid, examined the mess they had walked through, not spun.

Together the women would contrast his confessions,  his penchant for devotion, always a cue.

Best ever, best left. Best liar, best bet.


Which winner would make claim as a fool. Which loser gain freedom and rule?


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What is the word for nothing?


Suppose she let go of the tether?

Suppose she let go of the rope?

Suppose she let go of her lover?

Suppose she let go all her hope?

Suppose she fell, down the well, to the depths of the heat of her hell?

Suppose she landed, in perfect companion with every bit of her shame on fire, unkept, her reticence blistered, broken, weighted with cement.

Give her body the wings of the angels, give her mind a place outside of the shell, give the laughter to life living forward, take the feet, take her heart, and

Burn it all.


Flakes of ashes, falling from her skin.


She hasn’t a moment of brilliance to spout.

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a subtle shifting, on the surface seemingly solid, not sordid, not stained

ease of detail, but heard before, not sure where or when but waves wash over, a vague de ja vu

an odd lilt in tone, a rush of description, unnecessary jovial banter to distract, a volume uptick with defiant denial of ruse



dear muse do not deny me the joy of trusting in all that you do

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villas and summer homes


They’ve worked hard; let’s give them credit.

They are the men, just men, none without flaw.

They take pride in the grind of the workday, look forward to the deal and the beginning of day.

These men are fresh from the edge of generosity, bestow few gifts on this unworthy muse.

These men are ripe for the moment of their choosing, fall forward if there’s risk to be run, falling back if they know you are done; some gentlemanly game we weren’t taught- at least not for those cut of my cloth.


play a little, lose a lot.

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