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where is her head, he wonders. where is her loyalty, he wonders. where is her lover, he wonders (and stands tall) where is her mind tonight? is she alright? is … Continue reading

May 17, 2017 · 1 Comment


Let’s talk, yes? It’s a spring evening. There are a few days of storms rolling through. We have the humidity in mid-May that defies July’s trend setting style. Pull in … Continue reading

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Judge Not

Why are we told we shouldn’t care about what other people think about what we do when in reality there are things called reputation and integrity? We do care. We … Continue reading

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Desired. And not.

There’s a coldness in her eyes, a walk that won’t sway, a melancholy sigh in her step. She’s a woman of complicated wanting. She’s a woman of the simplest of … Continue reading

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Pour me a Scotch from the high lands. Throw an ice on the lot, for a few. Swirl the glass in a circular motion. Sip from the rim, pause, let … Continue reading

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I’ve lived the traditional road. Married young, faithful, accommodating, not free. I’ve left a burned path behind me. Lived large for 30, then unfaithful for three. I’ve apologized for my … Continue reading

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I’m too old to be a sugar baby. I’m too generic to be the recipient of a windfall. I’m too unknown to be the focus of a rich benefactor. Guess … Continue reading

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