Takes the Floor



You only go around once, folks.


You learn to dance.



Falling. Falling Hard. -Ret 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image from Scent of a Woman, with due credit to Leonard Cohen…mmhmm…check out the following song A Thousand Kisses Deep.

Love on Me


I want to dance in your smile

sing a little ditty that springs into my head

make that upturned right corner of your mouth show itself for me

maybe twirl a time or two,

strip off a bit of this and that

She will never, ever forget that look that came over his face when he was so close…
#for Reticent Mental Property. Image courtesy of the web

Office Lap Dance

RMPorange nails
Typical Friday Afternoon Chat Excerpt

“right now what you need is a slow and thoroughly filling workout, with my thighs straddling yours as you sit in your office…here…allow me to assist in setting a slower pace…let me give you time to try and decide whether to grip the desk or trail your hands up my body, over my shoulders and wrap your hand around the bend of my neck, to firmly pull me down into your lap,  while I arch my back and start to keep a rhythm you can savor…you know I love your eyes traveling over my body as i move over you… you have to hold back when you think about how i accept the raw pleasure of this position…”

Meaningless work is no match for the adventurous mind.

# for Reticent Mental Property