Reblog: Agree! And Disagree!

The following is a reblog from a fellow WordPress writer.  I am Pro-Choice, which is not, the same as Pro-Abortion. I believe it is a woman’s right to make this decision. To terminate a pregnancy or to carry to full term or to raise a child are each valid, private and critical decisions. I believe every single woman can be trusted to make these decisions just as I expect I would be  trusted to be the decision maker for my person. I believe Pro-Life supporters can and should be able to make the choice they feel is best , too and  this is the difference:  Imagine if the law required Pro-Life women to have abortions.

YES.  I  will fight to keep it legal for any woman who is Pro-Life to be able to choose for herself to continue her pregnancy. – Ret


I’m about as pro-choice as it’s possible to be. I’m unflinchingly pro-choice, even. There are no ifs, ands, or buts in my approach to abortion, no caveats, no disclaimers. I am completely opposed to “late-term” abortion bans, TRAP laws, and any other restrictions on a person’s ability to conduct their own medical affairs. I believe…

via personally pro-life, politically pro-choice — Samantha Field

Rely upon your Bartender


Coming to town? Of course- let’s meet. There’s a new little place I’ve been learning as I work through the drink menu. Hudson, my bartender, all mine, yah, he’s on tonight and will be ready with a joke to get us going as soon as we sit down.

They will move out the tables and clear the dancing stage, the DJ starts at 9. Classic cocktails all night, they never run out of gin and there’s a feel to the floor that comes from the summer heat and the string of white lights that sets off the sheen of exertion, the sway of couples that sets a horizontal tone that comes back to everyone sooner or later.

I’ve got a corner table, we’ll survey the crowd. The only kissable woman I know is going to show and will add to the laughs. My friends will find us through the night. They know who I am and who I’m not. You can flirt with me, hard, and I’ll consider your offer. And I’ll consider it again when you lean in and add a flick of your tongue after your words. And I’ll consider it again when we slow dance and you start that trash talk with, the racy words that you know gets me off.

In the end I’m the decision maker. And I may or may not play. But you’ll have a good time. And I won’t expect you to stay.


There were plenty of skirts he could have. And had. 

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Barter my Life, but not my Mind


“I have just realized that the stakes are myself

I have no other ransom money,

nothing to break or barter but my life.”

Diane di Prima

August 6, 1934: Happy birthday, Diane di Prima! A poet since she was a teenager, this Brooklynite became an integral part of the Beat movement and was once arrested by the FBI under an obscenity charge. She turns 79 today. (


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