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Filming on chromakeyla petite Mort

Hiring for videos of the above topic. No experience needed. Over 18. A complete application includes name, age, height, weight, hair color, eye color, skin color, availability for phone call to discuss work, and when you are available for at least one hour, and more. Lots of other work available. Please put “Naughty” in the subject line of your email. Thanks.

la petite mort is not naughty.
blank verse allows so much interpretation.
as does, “Lots of other work available.”
Think of my work offering as a giant buffet, not unlike “old country buffet”  you can pick and choose, not everything may work for you, but, perhaps, there is something that does.  let me know your wants, your needs, your desires, and your passions.  (Not necessarily sexual, but that which makes you smile, or walk a little straighter. )  Talk to me, my princess, my buttercup, my empty pallet.  And let me know if you have any ideas that work for you.
Some are for marketing materials for three books I am writing.Some are for specific assignments, mostly from a model who worked for me about 11 years ago, here in town, who, with her husband develop websites to the extent that they have a webmaster on salary, in their office.  They develop the business for that website, then cut it loose, and let one of their staff handle the day to day while they go on to the next project.  They have worked with most of the models within the LA basin, and have about 9 or 10 people like me, know as “birddogs” who search for and develop new talent. Some projects are purely speculation, for portfolio work, or future projects. All projects use a standard model release form, essentially duplicating U.S. copyright law, which states that the artist owns the work, and can sell it. Pay rates are as follows, and are for still and video work.  The rates are developed by looking at the Screen Actors Guild pay rate for Independent Film productions, and also have some input from the pay rates used in the industry in the San Fernando Valley, in Cali.$20 per hour for clothed, including swimsuit and lingerie
$30 per hour for topless, if you want
$40 per hour for fully naturalPaid in cash, at the time of the shoot. I realize that most of the models/actors, in the area are students, or have other jobs, and a full 8 to 10 hour day is not going to happen.  I generally will aim for a two hour shoot, minimum, but, have also done one hour shoots.  If you have three to five hours free, we may take all that time. Before we get started, you and I will sit down for a discussion.The area of fantasy and fetish is challenging to define.  One persons kink may be terrible to another.  I will ask the following:
What level of clothing are you comfortable with
What level of language are you comfortable with
What level of personal interaction are you comfortable with.  (ranges from “Stay at least three feet away” to “That was good, can we do it again?”
What is your meaning of fetish?   Check Wiki for the full range of experiencesWhat is ok, what is not ok, and what is not ok, but might be ok, if these conditions are met. BDSM=  Bondage, Degradation, Sado, Masochism.  What is ok, and not ok.
All this is designed, so that when we are finished with a shoot, you don’t look at me, and say “I didn’t know you were going to do that!”  We are not shooting a Pepsi commercial,  we are exploring the edge.What your decisions, restrictions, and interests are will define what work I offer.Thanks for putting up with this lengthy diatribe.  If you are still interested, we can meet, at a McD.  With the subject matter, perhaps not in McD, or not in a coffee house is preferred.  Thanks.  W.

I’m not model material.  And frankly, 40 bucks an hour is just not enough…I’d rather maintain my Mistress position and let him videotape anything he wishes.

I am however, very pro orgasm and women doing what they wish with their bodies…so I wish you well in your search….and I love to learn– that is, your response was very informative without any risk to my safety… gotta love online ads for adventure and its own cast of characters.  Thanks for being so open.  R.

So, name your place for a no risk meeting.  I use McD because everybody can find it.  If I say Java Juice on the west side, where the hell is that.  If I say Einsteins, on the east side, nobody knows where that is,  if I say Starbucks, which one.  So, your choice-  princess, or slave girl.

Perhaps, Sir, i was not clear in my previous response?

I’m not model material, not slave material.

The pay is inadequate

and meeting invites risk to which I’d rather not expose myself

thank you again for your openness on your work and enjoy your weekend- R.

what would adequate pay be for your attentions, which would include what in particular?

My attentions were not part of your original ad, Sir.

Has your intent altered?

I am a male.
My attentions and my intent are subject to change in a New York minute (whatever that is).
Changing conditions in my stream of conscious modify and redirect my goals, motivation, ambitions, and desires.And you.  What is your quest?  Your search?  The questions you seek answers to, particularly when you answer ads of my sort?  Smiles, my princess.

I thought only women could get away with the changing-of-the-mind-on-a-whim argument…

I respond to job ads to fulfill my ever evolving living list…a variety of complex reasons which boil down to adventuring while I still can kind of approach.  I’ve met a variety of interesting people on-line,  most very, very kind and good people, everyone with their own baggage and needs… and flavors… I’ve done some interesting things but safety is always an issue. Really irritating actually…I’d like to travel in places where I would be safe as a man, but as a female, much more difficult.  See, I’m not much different than most women you’ve met, am I?

All women are a fine stew, of wonderment, adventure, kindness, and sometimes, more baggage than the basement of a Greyhound Bus.  However, that said, they tend to be fun to meet, fun to know, and sometimes fun to see in the real view mirror.  As far as safety, nothing starts as well as coffee at a cute little coffee shop, for McD is easier to find, it the location is not in your neighborhood.  What are your passions, not necessarily sexual, but those things that bring a smile to your lips, a bounce in your step, and something to thing about during quiet moments, when your thoughts belong to yourself?

Yes, we are…

ahh…those quiet moments when, finally, my thoughts are my own… what stirs me, you ask

  • reading, writing, red wine, coffee with good friends
  • mysteries and well told tales enjoyed on long car rides to somewhere and no where
  • art shows and dramas, conductors who feed off the pulse of the music they are making
  • dressing up, heels and a strong hand on the small of my back
  • touch
  • the pleasure of watching the mist cross the water, the sound of rushing waterfalls, sunrises that blind, and sunsets that soothe, the heat of a jacuzzi soak
  • the smell of grass and worms, in the spring, and fresh cut hay
  • holding a warm cup of coffee in my hands while sitting hip to hip with someone, and sharing good conversation
  • spas, reflexology, facials and pedicures
  • plucking plums off trees in the fall and sucking out the pulp and spitting the seed
  • the magic all around us
  • fire in the pit, a glass of wine in hand, faces lit by the flames
  • hands in my hair, longest fingers holding my head at the base and with the flesh of the thumbs pressed to each side of my chin, the thumbs crossing my lips, back and forth…
  • anticipation
  • good memories
  • that point of crying, after…sometimes
  • unplanned conversations and confessions in the night
  • silence
  • thinking, learning, living
  • connecting when I wish
  • his loft
  • my privacy
  • knowing what I know, doing what no one expects of me, hearing music again, making my own choices*

I could go on and on and on and on and on…

*a friend of mine tells me
1) the first line is usually what one is expected to say
2) the middle is complex and distracting and should be left for later exploration
3) the last mention is the real grit

I think that I might enjoy the sound of your voice as you tell me your thoughts.  perhaps while we walk thru a state park, perhaps with you sitting in front of me, with my arms around you, perhaps in a quiet coffee shop, with our eyes locked.  perhaps…..

ohhh, you are just falling for my words…

this happens…

He was never heard from again; and  she continued to live.   
#For Reticent Mental Property

With an H

RMPletterMMistress wanted by Millionaire – 42 (West Side)

Woman wanted to serve as my mistress in my executive offices and my home. If you love to dress sexy in the hottest labels, know how to bring a man pleasure with your mind,body,and mouth and above all know how to be discreet I want to hire you.

Good eve,

Unfamiliar with this type of post,  I have all sorts of questions. Perhaps, my situation already precludes me from consideration.

If not, then yes, I’d be interested in learning more.

All the best, – Paij

craigslist 5121715331
I encourage u to respond I am looking for a woman in her fifties Sent from my…
Aug 21 (2 days ago)

Let’s talk, Paige. Call me. – The Man seeking the Mistress

Hello, Paij? Yes. Hello… Pardon me while i speak with my bartender and let him know i’m going out to the patio to speak with you. (muffled voices)…. There. Thank you for waiting. One has to take care of one’s staff, yes? I’m looking for someone full-time. I am seeking someone extremely submissive. Would you consider yourself submissive. Willing to role play, dress as my secretary, make some mistakes, deal with discipline? Good. How old are you? Mmmm. I am looking for someone in her 50’s.  Hmmm. Young.  I can adjust.  And how tall are you…okay. Weight? What is it?  Oh, you are rather thin.  Well, okay for your intelligence I will make an exception.  You are working full time? This will be 9-3. Some evenings hours if it works better. I pay $1,000 a day. Do you just enjoy writing about this or are you ready to do this? I’d like to meet you. Today. You are leaving town? You can still email while out of town. You won’t. You will not as you are out of town for pleasure…hmmm.. And send a photo before you leave.  Call me when you return.

Two days later after a phone call lasting 3:12 seconds this via email from Paij to John, with an H, and aware of the various risks.


When we next speak, or meet,  let’s clarify your expectations and mine. You were quick to accept alternative age and weight, which surprised me. It is important to me, you be pleased or this will not work as well as it could, yes?

Your Terms: Submissive has many definitions; extremely submissive requires some further discussion of expectations and sharing of limits. I am interested in dressing in designer labels in your executive suite or your home for 1K. I am not slave material. I do not seek to clean your bathroom with my toothbrush. I do not seek humiliations though I appreciate and respond well to verbal instruction and physical direction.

Hours and Location: Agree to 8-3pm availability. Rate must remain negotiable until we meet and finalize terms. Full-time implies? exclusivity? hours? Executive office location,  home location?

Health/Safety: Your current ddf paperwork is required as i prefer no condom use. Agreeable to NDA, however, for my own safety, I will have a discrete and location-informed party on call, during my time with you.

Photo attached per your request– Paij

You are gorgeous -John

Two days later, less rested than prior to departure, this email from Paij to John. 

Good Evening, I’ve returned home and am settled in for a quiet night. I’m sure there are reasons for my not finding Your photo gracing my inbox. –Paij

We discussed this call me. -John

We did not discuss “this”.- Paij

Perhaps you are confusing me with another applicant? Perhaps one from KC where I found a similar advertisement. -Paij

Silence. I see. Apparently you don’t like back talk… lol.- Paij

Sorry I was busy– John Sent from my iPhone

hmmm…a sorry?…didn’t expect that. -Paij

Long day?– Paij

Nasdaq was no quote for 2 hours long day. -John Sent from my iPhone

Ah, that will throw the schedule off… so your day had to be extended and tomorrow is already around the corner… You should have a nice beverage in hand, and dinner, but instead, mouthiness in the inbox.  My apologies. I can speak with you Friday, best time? and Yes, i am very skeptical. Especially given your name and your quick adjustment of age/size.  On Friday, we can discuss my interest in working for you in your executive office or home, while wearing whatever you desire. I’m skeptical about your intentions. Craigslist is notorious for monitoring ads for sex. –Paij

I am not nor have I ever been nor do I represent a member of law enforcement.  Perhaps a photo will alleviate your skepticism.  If I do not respond it is only because I am very busy and cannot always respond with alacrity. – John

I’m not sure what would alleviate my worry…any living previous employees available for reference check? grin. Send it yes, please. – Paij

Did u get the pic ? Still interested- John Sent from my iPad

Two hours later this via email from Paij to John with an H.

J, You are very intelligent. I find this attractive. But, you are dangerously intelligent when it comes to engaging in a submissive role. This worries me. Our brief conversation was at times, very relaxed, and then very terse. Were you not looking for a sub, i think i would go for this but alas, i’m just concerned i won’t be able to meet your needs as enthusiastically as someone who is more experienced in that area. I would not classify myself as extremely submissive. All the best– Paij

Then how about you serve as my eye candy either in my office or videos and pics- John Sent from my iPad



Imagining the possibilities, the risk, the learning, she called her friend in criminal justice who wanted to be her D and she called her FBI contact who served as her safety, who had declined to be her D.

#for Reticent Mental Property, August 24, 2013, image credit to

Droplets of Rain

RMPdamariswithhatPONeillartThere’s really no need for it, but the dressing up ensues. The heels are picked out according to his height. The hair is brushed to take out the rain and the Tahari jacket is buttoned to the top, neatly pulled over the fitted camisole, conveniently hiding the black lariat necklace.

She slides in through the front door, spies him immediately, alone.

He looks up, unsure, then as she nods to the hostess, and confidently strolls across the room into his waiting arms, he pulls himself to full height. As he laughs she notes how his jaw pulls to the left when he allows his emotions to take over his face.

His lingering embrace allows her to judge his stature, to secure her nerves, to lock in an assessment of his strength in a few moves.  Cheating, a bit, she inhales as they lock arms, detects no telling stories, wishes he had the drop to her knees effect, but knows his mind will engage hers and with it her weakness in his presence.

As she shakes the rain from her shoulders, she uses both hands to sweep her longest fingers across her cheekbones to clear the droplets from her face, while he leans in and breathes in his wordy exhale something about her beautiful eyes.

She casts her glance downward, nods forward to accept his compliment and graces his mind with how easily he creates a subtle shift in her tone and how comfortable she is with his nearness.

Forcing his mouth to emit words instead of a trail of kisses from her ear to her sternum, he pulls himself out of his thoughts and focuses on her moving hands as she tells her story.  It doesn’t matter so much what she says, as how she says it…she could be telling him lies and extravagant ones at that, but he knows if she is here, and he is fully awake, the future is secure, just as his ability to read her is intact and his skill in defining her path is unshaken.



She allows one hand to find its way to the curve of her breast, where slowly, with her longest finger leading her mindful touch, she traces a path over each rib and down to the dip of her hip, where it meets the satin ribbon, the silk fabric and circles the last of the traditional attire of undress. 


# for Reticent Mental Property

Five Days


Conversations from Craigslist ads such as:



On Tuesday: Less than 7 minutes after ad is Posted in NYC listings

What the fuck are you talking about,lol.

Did you take your pill today maybe the wrong one or ones.

I found it kind of funny. Do you often ramble with a helmet on

swinging drool in every direction or are you the girl I would look

at and say shut the fuck up.

In any regards I guess it comes down to I’ll bend you over fuck the shit out of you and just tune your

endless babble out until the next time I summons you to come please me and oh by the way get me

a beer on the way out the door.

Thank you

f7ck you

get your own damn beer.
and i got flagged.
And You’re Welcome.
Well thank you now thats the way to talk maybe not the way I want you to use your naughty mouth though.
Ok Ok Im a pervert but can also be very nice I like to fuck around.
Check out my post from oh 2 days ago I think looking for naughty wifes and?????

there are several naughty postings out there. I’ve read them, wet, late in the night…
I apologize, but I’m not able to identify your specific bend-over ad, though, my friend kindly points out that you are probably just the kind of guy i’m interested in…if only i could find a way to speed up my common sense meter and verify “safe, sane and i can trust you.”
Tall order.
Exploration good. In over my head, not.
You needed a friend to tell you this all you had to do was ask me I would of
been honest with you. I am safe/sane fun/and oh get this respectful to you as a
person or piece of meat which ever you want to be. What other attributes should
a man have that you are in search of?
Oh yeah speed up that damn common sense meter and another one of my many talents
is a work on meters so if you need a service call let me know
Did they really get you wet?
What about them did?

Did I tell you I would wear a Super Mans cape to fix your meter,lol
Ok enough from me today have a great day
John Thick
Good morning how was your night?
Do you miss me yet?
Been thinking about how I would gag you and bend you over for a wild ride.
If I called you me naughty little whore in your ear would you fight back?

Maybe i would.


Maybe i’d like it.

but then i’d also tell you to fucking spell salacious correctly or you get no opp to bend me or get near my ear.


Ah ha

Now I will bend you over and say all kinds of naughty things in your ear

holding you down with my hands feeling you fight back saying no no but knowing

you want it and love it.

Then I will get the candles out pouring hot wax on you as you moan and fight me but

can’t get loose.

Do you know what I want to whisper in your ear ?


You know you actually make me hot for you.
I can feel my cock swelling but not yet to full potential.
I think I need you do something to me. My cock is starting to
ache for you.
Whats your stats so I can think about you better

Everyone is hot for me.

i got 25 responses off that ad.
no, you don’t get my stats.
cuz you fucking won’t or CAN’T spell for me.
stop being a puss and salivating over what you can’t take.
and get your ass outta my inbox.

There goes that naughty mouth again. Maybe I didn’t
spell correctly or correct enough for you but you seem like
the controlling type bitch that needs to be taken care of and
put in her place real good but thanks for talking and I will get out
of your fucking inbox. Have fun with all the twinks and poindexters
that you will find on here. Shit I thought you were better than what your
going to get fucking with them knobs.
Great luck you little whore

By the way I wouldn’t want to be in your in box you couldn’t handle
the fucking I would give you. You would probably fall in love with me
get butthurt often?

you want the last word so you can feel big and strong?
go ahead , send the final insult so you can walk away with your manhood intact.
i promise not to respond.

You know what
FUCK YOU you little bitch. You throw words around and reprimand people who might not
spell as well as you. Your a power trip chick who likes to control the situation anyway she can
because that’s what makes her pussy wet and makes you feel strong when deep down you want to give
up all control to someone else like me. Even if its only for a few hours being told what to do. You love having
me hold your arms being on top feeling you struggle and fight knowing that this is what makes your pussy
wet and all primed for me to shove my throbbing member into you. You will anticipate the first breaking of your pussy
as I slide into you. You want nothing more than to relax giving me the power and all you have to do is be my naughty whore
giving in to my desires and orders.
There’s your last words my little whore read them chew on them but please please don’t respond
John Thick

One more thing you naughty slut what the hell is butthurt?
You really do need to be punished with a good spanking for starters
but you r not that type of whore are you.
Good day
John Thick



 Miss me?

You lasted less than a week…

seriously. get some control.




He’ll meet her whenever and wherever she asks. She won’t. 

# for Reticent Mental Property



Seeking Superman – m4w

May I please just fucking kick the shit out of you and then have you hold me and tell me it didn’t hurt at all…oh sorry, those are the kinds of guys i’ve already met on CL.

Are you godlike and capable of telling me that settling is not so frustrating after i hit the age of no return? Great! You’re in. Call me. But not at my house.

How about a response from a guy who mind-fucks with wild abandon and then smoothly sends me home to my married life, feeling no guilt and ready to take on another decade of contentment? Yes, I’m interested in hearing from anyone who can turn back the hands of time.

And do not respond if i have already spent 104 lines of chat fucking on your virtual desk and now you have to go cuz a client is on the way in… and i’ve heard from enough of you who tell me i’m just so unforgettable i should be writing erotica with Ms. James.

Please resist responding if you are the guy who buys me lunch and some lovely lacy underthings and then, despite my decline of dessert , only due to lack of chemistry, is still willing to thank me kindly for teaching you the merits of an intimate relationship and how you are now going to call your x-lover and go back to her and get back into full-blown physical foray including afterglow pillow talk.

And please don’t buy me a coffee, and then accept your caramel macchiatto when you ordered a latte, AND then sit in the wheelchair accessible table and proceed to tell me you are a Dom who knows i need to be spanked and btw, you have a stash of nipple clamps hidden in your house where your girlfriend will not find them.

AND don’t be the guy who claims to be an amazing lover, yet fires not one tongue shot when you have the chance, but still credits me with getting you off your ass and jump starting your new career.

So, what am i looking for on here on CL? I guess i’m looking for whatever i send out, cuz that is what we always get back. Clearly this venue is not for me.

Follow me on over to the local escort service slash massage parlor. Good and happy endings for all, if you can afford my mind and body and are willing to succumb to my refined tastes in male manipulation.

Respond with salacious in the subject heading if you fucking know the definition.

A good vocabulary is never overrated.


#for Reticent Mental Property


RMPtoolbeltACME – only 1 employee

ACME love repair service for women (midwest)


ACME is a nonprofit full service love repair service for women that (sic) need short or long term sex repair above, (your head), and below your waist. We encourage special requests before or at the time of service call. We also provide a “drive to” for your convenience should a house call be dangerous.

We provide, among (sic) requests, the following services:
Light kinky, role playing, light bondage, s/m, oral specialists, including dirty talk, doggy, dining table, couch, counter-tops, and long slow bed work. ACME is an equal opportunity service provider to married, single, tall short, voluptuous, curvy women.

bbw types
require two service employees.

At this time there is only one ACME employee. He is 6′-1″, slender, has large purple plunger that is excellent for rump bumping, and ham slamming. He is very sexy and cool.

All employees are insured and bondaged, (sic) and they are guaranteed to perform their (sic) service call to your satisfaction or we will return again, again, and again until your (sic) SATISFIED.

She tries, unsuccessfully, to ignore the spelling, the grammar, the…
# for Reticent Mental Property


RMPstvalentine2Make Each Other Moan – m4w – 23 (downtown) – 23
I am looking for a nice girl to come over and moan very loudly for me while I moan maybe you can bounce on my bed. This is to make the neighbors jealous, no sex, nudity or anything like that required just moaning loudly for the neighbors.

  • Location: downtown

She just laughs and laughs and laughs. She can do this for him. 

# for Reticent Mental Property