Alive and Kicking


What makes a perfect daydream?

What is your greatest accomplishment?

What is your happiest memory?

Where do you long to go?

Apparently all are questions to discuss when you meet someone; apply liberally in the first hour…as each gets to the core values.

Conclusion: we don’t fall in love with the person so much as how we feel when we are with that person.


Late night radio.  Would rather be out slow dancing.  JS.

#for Reticent Mental Property. Images courtesy of the mind.



Takes the Floor


You only go around once, folks.


You learn to dance.



Falling. Falling Hard. -Ret 


#for Reticent Mental Property. Image from Scent of a Woman, with due credit to Leonard Cohen…mmhmm…check out the following song A Thousand Kisses Deep.