Rolling to the side, arm flings over the wing of your shoulder, hand curls into yours, stomach to back snuggles, bury my nose into your nape, breathe your scent

Morning sun wakens, covers thrown back as your warm body beckons and pulls her back to the warmth of the sheets,  and as hip bones press to your bottom, a long leg pulls itself over your thighs, as knee bends, flat bottom of foot finds your calf and strokes up and down once, twice, while toes scrunch to grasp your skin  and on inner thigh, she feels the rising of his manhood

See us at the bar, karaoke waiting, on the stool, near the rail, your mouth finds my ear, whispers, “beseme” and your breath is not near enough to satisfy,  so torso turns to face me and right leg lengthens, as boot lifts this thigh and a long reach, allows the leathered foot, to cross your lap, to dangle from bend of knee, over the edge of your warm jean-clad limb, and your hand finds my inner thigh, thumb kneads it, firmly, ears focus on our banter


She is tactile, there’s no denying. 


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the Senses



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Grateful for the Senses— all of it Art in some way— semantics, the language of communication, discussions, hearing another perspective, the ability to reflect, the willingness to challenge and change, the gift in the giving,  the connecting of ideas and the sharing of another’s vision and taking time to feel and taste and live fully in this rich world of learning.


Sensual touch stirs her. 


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Responds Well


Sensual touch

Seeking sensual touch with (one) safe and sane, mature, intelligent man. Kissing, caresses, passionate exploration, connection. Must have a sense of humor and “a life,” be financially comfortable, confident, able to host, perhaps someone who possesses an appreciation for a woman who enjoys lingerie, heels and less.

Prefer a man who understands the pace, the playfulness, the peace of touch. Men of age welcome.

There really is not enough touch allowed in the world; all air hugs, little kissing, all rushed. Hmm?

I am joyful, tuned in to my body and will want to learn yours. Completely capable of separating the romance label of this post from the reality of my limitations. You should be, too.

Fit, attractive, discreet, educated (and seeking same).

The sound of the buckle – of the unbuckle to be precise – stills her. 

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Four Hand


He’s a lovely man, with lovely hands because half of his are hers.

We lie, never quietly, touching, every minute unscripted, every encounter planned.

He is her lover. She is mine. Together we search and climb.

I am a giver. He is, too. She commands my jaw when he is ready.

I do not seek to destroy, to distract;  only to enhance and enjoy.

We set the scene but do not plan the encounter. We trust, we touch, we play.

He has a mind of his own, and hers is his-

And together we will travel.


She was receptive to touch, to play, to feel. He did not have the control she desired but his woman did.


#for Reticent Mental Property.  Image courtesy of the internet.